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This week, the Vermont State Board of Education adopted a resolution on assessment and accountability.  I won’t try to summarize; what makes it so strong, in my view, is the careful and detailed development of the principles behind the resolution.  … Continue reading

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Of Possible Interest

In case you missed it, the American Mathematical Society has a new blog, On Teaching and Learning Mathematics.  Full disclosure:  I’m one of the editors, but Ben Braun deserves the credit for getting it up and running.  My first post … Continue reading

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“It is unclear what it means to be rated as proficient”

Is it possible that news reporters are becoming more sophisticated in their approach to testing, or is it just Emma Brown of the Washington Post? An article of hers, “D.C. officials’ choice allowed math tests to show gain,” starts with … Continue reading

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Ramblings On Assessments of Teaching

David Bressoud’s latest column, “Measuring Teacher Quality,” which focuses on a study of college student evaluations of teachers as compared to student performance, has me thinking about how we assess teaching at all levels.  The study, conducted by Scott Carrell and … Continue reading

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Testing: How, and What For?

The Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium recently released practice tests, and I just took the one for 11th grade math.  I often tell my students that I try to design exams that make them think; most of the items on the … Continue reading

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Contrary to my earlier worry, there are slides and even videos for some of the talks from the CIME 2013 conference (“Assessment of Mathematical Proficiencies in the Age of the Common Core”); just scroll down the main page to the … Continue reading

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I took only sporadic notes during the presentations at the CIME workshop I attended last week, assuming that the speakers would post their slides at some point.  (This may have been rash; videos from the previous workshops in the series … Continue reading

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