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Professor of Mathematics Middlebury College

Explained Absence

In Middlebury College jargon, “explained absences” are distinct from “excused” ones.  My failure to keep up with this blog is due to a bunch of things, but the biggest reason is probably that my writing energies have been directed elsewhere.  … Continue reading

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Various and Sundry

My original purpose in starting this blog was to keep track of interesting mathematics-related items.  I see that I have way too many browser windows open, so it must be time to share. First up is “I Love Math and … Continue reading

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The Sixth Sense for Multiplication (a reblog)

Originally posted on Math with Bad Drawings:
 Or, Seeing Arrays (Less Cinematic Than Seeing Dead People, But More Useful) This year, I’m teaching younger students than I’ve ever taught before. These guys are 11 and 12. They’re newer than iPods. They watched…

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5 reasons not to share that Common Core worksheet on Facebook

Originally posted on Overthinking my teaching:
(NOTE: If you arrived here via Facebook, welcome. You may also be interested in the perspective of a middle school teacher, Mr. Aion. Click on through for more.) You are browsing Facebook on a…

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Effortful Teaching

In a recent post, Ilana Horn offers this food for much thought: I still wonder if it’s possible to adequately capture teaching practice –– in the broad meaning of the word that I know my colleagues intend — through the … Continue reading

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This week, the Vermont State Board of Education adopted a resolution on assessment and accountability.  I won’t try to summarize; what makes it so strong, in my view, is the careful and detailed development of the principles behind the resolution.  … Continue reading

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Of Possible Interest

In case you missed it, the American Mathematical Society has a new blog, On Teaching and Learning Mathematics.  Full disclosure:  I’m one of the editors, but Ben Braun deserves the credit for getting it up and running.  My first post … Continue reading

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