Of Possible Interest

In case you missed it, the American Mathematical Society has a new blog, On Teaching and Learning Mathematics.  Full disclosure:  I’m one of the editors, but Ben Braun deserves the credit for getting it up and running.  My first post there will appear July 10. UPDATE:  my first post is here.

Here are a few things I’ve come across recently:

“Teaching Kids ‘Grit’ is All the Rage.  Here’s What’s Wrong With It.” by Jeffrey Aaron Snyder in The New Republic.

Why the Common Core Math Standards Should Make you Mad,” a YouTube video.

Yet another great post from Keith Devlin:  “The Power of Dots.”  This is in response to the front-page New York Times article about the Common Core math standards.  (Update:  my own letter to the Times is here.)

Correlation does not imply equality” by Cathy O’Neil, about the silliness of using “Value-Added Measures” (VAM) to evaluate teachers.  Oh, and here’s the American Statistical Association statement on this subject.

Anything to add?


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