“The Tweet Heard ‘Round the Edu World”

With one week of classes left in this semester, I am trying to cast off my courses without dropping any stitches, and resisting the temptation to write a post in response to Louie C.K.’s heartfelt tweets about his child’s math experience.  Luckily Ilana Horn has taken care of it in The Tweet Heard ‘Round the Edu World.  I particularly appreciate her attention to the question of equity (the Vermont counterpoint to Williams vs. California is, of course, the Brigham decision).  Standards that are “public and transparent” are a necessary, though sadly not sufficient, response to the entrenched inequities in public education in the United States.  We’re not done until those kids whose parents or guardians are unable to advocate for them, via Twitter or otherwise, have the same educational opportunity as everyone else.  From the Brigham decision:  “Such an opportunity, where the state has undertaken to provide it, is a right which must be available to all on equal terms.”


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