“Nix the Tricks”

On vacation with a slow and unreliable wifi connection, I nonetheless must make note of this effort to Attend to Precision from a group of teachers.  A few of the tricks they want nixed — FOIL, for example — are things I learned in school.  Others I’ve never heard of (Jesus fish?  Not in my public school), but several I’ve learned from my own students.  It’s worth scrolling down to the document to see the discussion and especially the Debates at the end.  You can participate, if you like!  For some background on the development of this document, see here.


About Priscilla Bremser

Professor of Mathematics Middlebury College
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One Response to “Nix the Tricks”

  1. Rob Root says:

    Fascinating reading! I see tricks I was taught, and that I used when I was a young and foolish professor, too. I wish that the local teachers would participate, because I see some of these in my children’s math discourse, too. Another gem of a post, Priscilla!

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