Why Haven’t I Come Across This Before?

The Mathematics Teaching Community website hosts describe their goals this way:  “(w)e want to foster deeper collective thinking and exchange of ideas about mathematics teaching and the context in which it occurs. We want a site where ideas can evolve, be refined and clarified, and eventually published in a repository of knowledge about mathematics teaching.”   My first exploration suggests they’re succeeding.  Check out the “search” function.

Also in this category:  Bedtime Math.  (Thanks, D.N.!) You can sign up to get an email every day with a bedtime math problem with versions for Wee Ones, Little Kids, and Big Kids.


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Professor of Mathematics Middlebury College
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One Response to Why Haven’t I Come Across This Before?

  1. Rob Root says:

    Wow. This really is a substantial site. I have resisted the urge to talk trash about the AFT-sponsored site, ShareMyLesson, http://www.sharemylesson.com/high-school-teaching-resources/. The materials that I’ve found there are far more focused on routine calculation and demonstrate relatively little reflection on the mathematical substance of the topics presented. I tried offering some gentle suggestions at first, but soon gave up, faced with what seemed to me to be a tide of mediocrity.

    So this site really is a breath of fresh air. Nice find, PSB!

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