Teacher Stories

I’ve decided to add a new category for stories from and/or about notable teachers.  Many teachers I meet mention that their profession is often denigrated in public discourse, so it seems worthwhile to collect stories with a different tone, even if they’re not actually about math teachers.

Such is the case with this piece from today’s New York Times.  If you like Michael Winerip (as I do) or “he changed my life” stories (ditto), you’ll enjoy this one.


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One Response to Teacher Stories

  1. Rob Root says:

    Thanks, Priscilla to alerting us to a great piece about a transformative teacher. I enjoy following the work of Raj Chetty, the economist who is trying to measure the value added by teachers. He found that the present value of improved life choices by their students is over $300,000/ year for kindergarten teacher (This is an average teacher’s improvement over a bottom-of-the barrel teacher; there is no way to compare with no teacher at all.) and over a million dollars/year for a middle school teacher. These are enormous sums, and Chetty shows that better teachers (like Mr. Adams) add even more value. Shouldn’t we be investing more in training, developing, and supporting teachers given these powerful consequences they have?

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