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DIY Math Texts?

As I’ve mentioned several times already, I have an uneasy relationship with textbooks, and have chosen to do without them at times.  This is only partly due to a quality and cost analysis; I also worry that students and instructors … Continue reading

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The Haven of Mathematics

Yesterday, Steven Strogatz started a new series at the New York Times website, as he puts it, “for a few weeks of mind-bending pleasure…(t)he haven of mathematics.”  This time around, the series is called “Me, Myself, and Mathematics.”  The first … Continue reading

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This is your brain on math

A recent brain-imaging study connects left-right brain communication with performance on basic arithmetic tasks.  I’m fascinated by brain-imaging technology, which is not to say I know anything about it.  Apparently I’m not alone; in looking for an illustrative image, I … Continue reading

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